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Naranja - Hippeastrum

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Vibrant orange blooms on tall stems.

Aspect: Full Sun

Growing Zones: Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (refer to Climate Map)

Flowers: Dec;Jan;Feb

Product Type: Hippeastrums

Product code: H28

Scientific Name: Hippeastrum x hybrida

Supplied as: Dry Bulb

Water Wise: Yes

Colour: Orange

Planting Time: Sep;Oct;Nov

End Use: Garden;Cut Flower;Potted

Frost Hardy: No

Height: 30-60cm

Hippeastrums: (Zones 1,2,3,4,5,6,)

These fantastic bulbs enjoy a warm climate but they will grow in a warm spot in the garden almost anywhere in Australia. They are best known in the Southern states as a house plant because you can watch them push up a great flower spike and see the large flowers develop. When planting in a pot for inside excitement choose a pot only 3-4 cm larger than your bulb. Plant your bulb approximately two thirds under the ground with its neck protruding from gritty well drained organic matter-rich potting mix. To feed, use a dose of rotted manure, compost or bulb fertiliser. When watering your pot never water directly on your bulb. Water sparingly until leaves develop. Put in a well lit spot in your house at about 21 degrees. When they flower they can be moved to a cooler spot to prolong flowering. Remember that the bulb has used up much of its energy producing the flower. You can cut the spent flower head back near the base, leaving the leaves to grow next year's flower. Place them somewhere warm over Summer but shaded from the hottest sun. Keep moist and allow the foliage to die naturally, then keep dry. Bring them back into the warmth in Winter or Spring and promote rooting with some water. They will need re-potting every two or three years. To plant outdoors in the Southern states, grow in a warm sheltered spot with lots of sun, ideally with a wall near them to release heat. They love gritty free-draining soil possibly raised for Winter draining.

Growing Map